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At Indian Insitute of Technology Roorkee

The Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR), Government of India established a chair at IIT Roorkee in 2008. The chair has been named as ‘Bharat Singh Chair for Water Resources’ in the memory of Late Professor Bharat Singh, a renowned water resources expert and visionary of India.

It is not that we don’t have time and resource for something, rather it has not been on our priority, may these be water problems. :- Hearsay

Prof. Bharat Singh

Water resources expert, India

Hydrology is the science of water that deals with its availability in quantity and quality, distribution in time and space, and its management for biotic well-being on the Earth.

Prof. S. K. Mishra

MoWR Chair, IIT Roorkee

Late Prof. Bharat Singh

Former Vice Chancellor,
University of Roorkee

It has been more than a decade of successful years of Bharat Singh Chair being instituted by Ministry of Water Resources at IIT Roorkee… We are constantly focusing on achieving milestones in design and management of water resources.

Current Chair: Dr. S. K. Mishra

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Prof. S. K. Mishra

WRD&M, IIT Roorkee

Main Objectives

  • To carry out studies on water resources systems with special emphasis on assessment of effect of climate change on it and adaptation strategies in respect of planning, design and management of water resources systems of particularly Indus Basin.
  • An important activity related to the Chair will be to transfer technology to various departments of Ministry f Water Resources (Government of India).

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